Introducing Willow


Willow is on a mission to thoughtfully simplify and modernize cremation arrangements. We are not a funeral home. We are regular people who have experienced the loss of a loved one and know firsthand the pain and frustration of making arrangements. We originally started Willow to help our friends and family avoid pricey add-ons and unnecessary services.  

Today, when trying to arrange a cremation, highly varying costs and aggressive upselling add pressure and uncertainty to what feels like a predatory process. In addition, time constraints make it almost impossible to properly scrutinize service providers and facilities. At such an emotional and vulnerable time, we believe everyone deserves to have someone with experience working on their behalf.  

Willow is our thoughtful new approach and the service we wish existed when we lost our loved ones. We are dedicated to bringing simplicity and clarity to a stressful and intimidating process.


The Willow Team


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