What is Willow?

Willow was designed to make arranging a cremation easier and less stressful for you. We are not a funeral home. Think of Willow as a knowledgeable guide and assistant for your journey. We had painful experiences making arrangements for our own loved ones and decided to help people navigate one of the most emotional and daunting experiences of their lives.

We have put together a thoughtful cremation package that we offer through vetted funeral home and crematory partners. We help you understand the process, we map out the journey for you, and we remain by your side throughout the entire experience. We are here for you to lean on.

Willow is the service we wish existed when we were making arrangements for our loved ones. 

How does Willow work? 

The first step is to contact us so we can learn more about your needs and answer any questions. If the Willow package is a good fit for you, we connect you with our local funeral director partner and start the journey together. Your Willow care team member remains present, providing updates and support along the way. Once the cremation is performed, the cremated remains are thoughtfully packaged and hand delivered to you.

All of our funeral director partners are active members of the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) and have at least 15 years of experience. We personally interview every funeral director we work with. To bring the Willow package to New York City, we are proud to be working with Eternal Light Funeral Directors of New York. As part of the package we created, all cremations are performed at Green-Wood, a renowned institution with nearly 200 years of history and a state-of-the-art cremation facility. We are in the process of extending our service to others cities and states. If you or your loved one do not live in or near New York City, please contact us as we may still be able to help you.  

We have great working relationships with our funeral director partners and we make sure everyone we collaborate with shares our deep commitment to customer service and transparency. If you have any specific questions or would like to arrange an initial conversation, contact us today.

What is a direct cremation?

In a direct cremation, your loved one is cremated shortly after death, without a viewing or funeral service beforehand. As a result, there is no need for embalming, expensive caskets, or other costly funeral arrangements. You can still hold a memorial service or celebration of life event if you wish. Once the cremation is performed, your loved one's cremated remains are hand delivered to you. Please contact us if you have any questions.

How much does it cost?

The total cost of the Willow cremation package is $2,000. There are no additional charges or hidden fees, ever. You can view the package details here. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time. 

Can I make arrangements for myself?

Yes. Cremation is growing in popularity and 2016 was the first year in which cremations surpassed traditional burials. A growing number of people are interested in making arrangements for themselves in order to ease the financial and emotional burden on their loved ones when they pass. Contact us if you are interested in learning more.  

Why the name Willow?

There is a lot of symbolism behind the willow tree. Its wood is strong, yet pliable allowing it to bend without breaking. There is of course the weeping willow tree that can symbolize mourning. Additionally, the roots of the willow tree are remarkable for their toughness and tenacity for life. It's also the subject of some incredible masterpieces. For us, when thinking about life and death we think about the natural world and we find peace in its beauty and resilience. Nature's influence is universal and the willow tree is our chosen symbol to represent the work we do and the support we aim to provide.

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