The Willow Experience

An important part of the Willow experience is our service and support. From our very first conversation, we listen to you and try to learn as much as possible about your needs. If what we offer is the right option for you, our care team will guide you through the entire journey and personally deliver your loved one's cremated remains. 

The Willow package includes:

  • A dedicated Willow care team member for the duration of your experience

  • Timely and professional transport of your loved one from their place of passing

  • Care and housing for your loved one while arrangements are finalized

  • All required paperwork including two certified copies of the death certificate

  • Transport of your loved one to the crematorium for a respectful cremation

  • Thoughtful and personal packaging of your loved one's cremated remains

  • Hand delivery of your loved one's cremated remains

Our package includes everything. Some modifications can be made depending on your specific needs. All required paperwork and an itemized invoice will be provided by Eternal Light Funeral Directors. We are always available to answer questions, so feel free to contact us any time.

All-inclusive Price $2,000

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Based on our personal experience and extensive conversations with people frustrated by the cremation arrangement process, we have thoughtfully created a package with trusted and experienced service providers. We are proud to be working with the dedicated team at Eternal Light Funeral Directors of New York to offer the Willow package to you.  


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"It was a pleasure working with you and the team." – Robin, NYC